The Media We Work With

Paintings in Oil

Eastern Man

For a truly historic and memorable work of portraiture, nothing can compare to traditional oil paints. There is a depth of color and intensity to an oil painting that is unlike anything else. This is the medium used by the masters throughout history. A painting done in oil leaves a lasting impression. Let one of our oil paintings become a piece of your family history to be cherished for generations to come.

Approximate minimum price for a commissioned oil painting is $3000.

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Portrait Miniatures in Watercolor Gouache

1812 Gemma Miniature

We use hand-mixed historic watercolors and gouache to create beautiful portraits in miniature.

Approximate minimum price for a commissioned portrait miniature is $200.

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Drawings in Color Pencil

Garden Gnome

Color pencils are rarely seen as a professional medium, yet they have a lot to offer. They allow for a great range of color with an unparalleled ability to blend and shade, yet they have the control to do extremely detailed work. We use over 100 different colored pencils, and work on a very thick 300lb acid free paper. The end product is a strong, rich and vibrant piece of artwork.

Approximate minimum price for a commissioned color pencil drawing is $500.

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Drawings in Graphite Pencil


A work of art created in black and white has a simple elegance. It captures the eye with tasteful purity and strength. When we create a drawing in graphite, we use over 20 different grades of pencil. This allows us a great subtlety of shading and the ability to achieve fine detail. We create our works on heavy weight 100% acid free bristol board. The final result is a work of art to be cherished for years to come.

Approximate minimum price for a commissioned graphite pencil drawing is $250.

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Contact Zahradka Art & Illustration to begin arrangements towards your own custom portrait work, or browse our portfolio to find fine portraiture in oils, watercolors, or pencil art.

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