Portrait Painting: The Process

Before & After Examples

Below are several examples of commissioned portraits and the pictures used to achieve them. Having a sitting with the model and taking photos is always the preferred method of creating a portrait, but this is not always possible due to distance and or time. The examples below show the results from a variety of other sources for portrait artwork!

“In Balance”

“In Balance“ source image.
“In Balance“ artwork.

This sitting was done in our studio, with controlled lighting. We worked with the client to create a comfortable feel with the equipment, while creating a unique perspective on the portrait subject.


“Rachel“ source image.
“Rachel“ artwork.

This portrait was created using a 20-year-old black and white photo of the client. We were also given several color snapshots from the same time period to use for reference. Combining both sources, we were able to creat a unique and faithful work of art.

“Iron Flight”

“Iron Flight“ source image.
“Iron Flight“ artwork.

In creating this portrait, we arranged a photo session at the airport, fitting it into the client's busy schedule. Outdoor natural lighting was in keeping with the nature of the subject. Background items were later removed to better suit the artwork.

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