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Throughout history — long before photography — it was painting and drawing that kept memories alive for future generations. Portraits painted hundreds of years ago are still admired today in museums and homes all around the world. A hand drawn or painted work of art is a beautiful way to commemorate a special event or time. Celebrate a wedding, an anniversary, a beautiful outfit, a child at a special time of life, or a favorite pet.

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Catalog of Commissioned Portraits
Title / Description Medium Year
Geoltl Portrait Geoltl Portrait

Oil on canvas. This painting was requested by the husband after the death of his wife and her many years of Alzheimers. The children then requested he be included as well. We worked from old photos taken when they were both younger. The background was the view on the small lake where they had a cabin.

Oil on Canvas2016
Portrait of Maggie Portrait of Maggie

Miniature created from existing photograph. Medium is watercolor on imitation ivory

Watercolor and Gouache2016
18th century portrait of Suzy 18th century portrait of Suzy

A painting of Suzy created to be a match to my own self portrait. meant to be hung as a set. Again we have created the look of the time period with the subject having the tools of their trade around them. Painting is on linen canvas using hand ground and mixed paints of the time period.

Oil on Canvas2014
Mother Mother's Kiss

Drawing created for a client. graphite on bristol

Graphite Pencil2014
Dynagraphics Dynagraphics

Portrait for for the Dyna-Graphics corporation in Chaska Minnesota. The paining is of the husband and wife who founded the company, Bill and Dolly Bury and was created for the reception area.

Oil on Canvas2014
18th Century Self Portrait 18th Century Self Portrait

This is a painting I did of myself in the style of the 18th century artists, shown with my brushes and palette in hand. The painting is done on linen canvas using only hand ground and mixed pigments from the time period.

Oil on Canvas2014
Katrina and Shawl Katrina and Shawl

This painting is second in a series using decorative shawls. It has been created using all hand ground natural pigments that existed in the 17th century. I hand mulled them myself as well as creating my own paint mediums.

Oil on Canvas2012
Portrait of Chris Portrait of Chris

Drawing created for a client based on several snapshots.

Graphite Pencil2012
Andrea Andrea

A commissioned portrait created using an existing photo. Dress and background were changed to create a more historical feel.

Oil on Canvas2011
Hill Portrait Hill Portrait

A portrait created using an older off color photo. Shirt extended and added to. Background changed to be more aesthetic.

Oil on Canvas2011
Fumi Portrait Fumi Portrait

A commissioned portrait. For this portrait we were able to have a photo session with the client. We worked to create a more traditional classic look.

Oil on Canvas2011
Into the Earth Into the Earth

Commissioned portrait of Louise Hose, PhD - Renowned Cave Explorer and Speleologist. Created using several older photos, equipment and location shots.

Oil on Canvas2010
Family Portrait Family Portrait

This is a family portrait of Senseis Joel and Anita with their daughter Megan. The painting was created using oils on canvas. I created it using photos provided by the client.

Oil on Canvas2010
Photo Booth Realism Photo Booth Realism

A surreal family portrait. Based on images taken in a photo booth at a carnival.

Oil on Canvas2009
Master Nishiyama Master Nishiyama

Portrait of Master Nishiyama.

Graphite Pencil2009
Sensei Fusaro Sensei Fusaro

Portrait of Karate Sensei Robert Fusaro, whose dojo is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Graphite Pencil2009
Dave and Joyce Dave and Joyce

Commissioned portrait of couple at son's wedding.

Oil on Canvas2009
Master Nishiyama 2 Master Nishiyama 2

2nd portrait of Karate master Nishiyama.

Graphite Pencil2009
The Cowboy The Cowboy

Commissioned portrait done in old west attire. Wanted to create a vintage feel of the old west.

Oil on Canvas2009
Portrait of a Family Portrait of a Family

Portraits done in pencil. A blended family with 5 children into hockey. Taken from a small snapshot and worked into a long linear work of art.

Graphite Pencil2009
Iron Flight Iron Flight

Commissioned portrait of Paul F. Dye. Current Lead Flight Director of NASA. Shown with his homebuilt airplane "Valkyrie".

Oil on Canvas2008
City Spectrum City Spectrum

This artworkwas created for a charity auction connected with the 2008 Uptown Art Fair. The theme was "Attitude in the City". It was a collaborative piece created with the help of Vineeta Sawkar from local channel 5 news.

Color Pencil2008
Rachel Rachel

Commissioned portrait created by using an existing black and white photo of the subject taken 20 years earlier.

Oil on Canvas2008
Past and Present Past and Present

A Daughter had this commissioned for her father. Using existing photos, we combined two images. The recent photo in the foreground, and an older image of the father as a young man faded in the background.

Graphite Pencil2008
Siblings Siblings

Portrait of brother and younger sister. We worked from photos supplied by the parent. Worked to create a feeling of love and caring between the two children

Graphite Pencil2008
Twins Twins

A portrait of two smiling young girls wearing coveralls and striped shirts. In graphite pencil.

Graphite Pencil2007
Gavin Gavin

Cheerful portrait of a bubbly young boy. In graphite pencil.

Graphite Pencil2007
#42 in Crimson #42 in Crimson

Semi-nude woman wrapped in a cream colored cloth and peering over her shoulder in front of a red drapery. Original painting in oils on canvas.

Oil on Canvas2007
Man at Arms Man at Arms

Portrait of a Renaissance-era soldier in pot helmet and chain mail.

Oil on Canvas2007
Duet Duet

This painting is a representational portrait. In place of the people we have used their respective musical instruments. Between the instruments is an embroidered red rose and their favorite music is on the sheet.

Oil on Canvas2007
In Balance In Balance

Portrait of a girl (Tess) on her Unicycle.

Oil on Canvas2007
Iraqi Soldier Iraqi Soldier

Commissioned work of an Iraqi soldier in the desert

Oil on Canvas2007
Mother and Child Mother and Child

Portrait of young mother and her baby.

Graphite Pencil2006
Tortoise Tortoise

Commissioned portrait of a pet tortoise named Angus.

Graphite Pencil2006
Garden View Garden View

Renaissance man on balcony overlooking garden. Created using 20 year old photo. Background was added in separately.

Color Pencil2006
Garden Gnome Garden Gnome

Renaissance man crouches by stream confronted by a little man. Created using photo supplied by client, taken in his back yard.

Color Pencil2006
Harry and Aggie Harry and Aggie

Portrait of older couple. Created using a pre-existing photo.

Color Pencil2006
Wedding Couple Wedding Couple

Portrait of newlyweds at Renaissance Faire.

Graphite Pencil2006
Julie Julie

Semi nude with shawl at piano. Created using a photo of wife supplied by the customer.

Color Pencil2005
Baby in Blanket Baby in Blanket

Baby smiling under a blanket. Created using photo supplied by the client.

Color Pencil2005
Wedding 1959 Wedding 1959

Portrait of wedding couple from 1959.

Graphite Pencil2005
Renaissance Man Renaissance Man

Portrait of renaissance man with pie hat.

Graphite Pencil2005
Garden Path Garden Path

Renaissance maiden stands on a path through the garden. Created using an older photo of client and then adding in a new background.

Color Pencil2005
Audrey Audrey

Portrait of young girl

Graphite Pencil2005
Sisters Sisters

Portrait of 3 sisters. We were able to have a sitting with these sisters and work with a combination of photos to create the work of art.

Graphite Pencil2005
King George King George

Portrait of the King of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

This original artwork (" high x " wide) is available for purchase. Contact us!

Graphite Pencil2005
Grandson Grandson

Portrait of young child

Graphite Pencil2005
Grandfather Grandfather

Portrait of older man

Graphite Pencil2005
Professor Professor

Portrait of a professor from St. Thomas University in Saint Paul, MN.

Color Pencil2004
St. George St. George

Portrait of a man in Renaissance dress.

Color Pencil2003
Renaissance Wedding Renaissance Wedding

Wedding couple in renaaissance dress.

Graphite Pencil2003

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